Can Musicality be Acquired? Some Dance Pros Weigh In


Hmm – something to examine with my students for sure… Thanks for this piece!

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There is an essential interconnectedness between music and dance. the poet Ezra Pound wrote, “Music begins to atrophy when it departs too far from the dance.” It’s easy to take music for granted, or to treat it merely as a means of keeping time. Music inspires, it motivates, and it actually helps you to dance better.

Being “on the music” means that you reach the correct position on the appropriate count. Being “late” or “behind the music” means that you’re not getting where you must be on time. Musicality, however, is more than just being on the music. It’s the ability to hear subtle qualities and structures within the music and then communicate them through your dancing. It’s how a dancer expresses music in his or her body. “Musicality is understanding music on a technical level, and then dropping all of that knowledge so you can sit deep inside the…

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Prepping for the upcoming Ottawa Dancer Bazaar- March 8

March 8th.

Knight’s of Columbus Hall at 260 McArthur.

Doors open from 12-4 p.m.

free admission – details of other vendors can be found here

Come to my table/booth:

TAV Creations/ Belly Dancing For Fun

Halyma’s Belly Dance instructional DVDs on sale:

CLICK on the photos for more details!

Halyma's Belly Dance DVD 1 coverHalyma's Belly Dance DVD 2 cover

Bazaar pricing will be $40 per set!  

That’s about half the price of ordering online!

1 day only!

Visa and Mastercard will be accepted, and cash is always welcome!

I’ll also have some used costumes, some new pieces and a new concept I’ll be presenting from my TAV Creations custom design side of things!


And I’ll also be practicing up this week to help lead the first official rehearsal for the May 9th Ottawa Shimmy Mob – part of an international fundraising challenge – still time for you to join!!

Celebrating 17 years, a moment between shenanigans…

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.

17 years ago, on a beautiful February morning, a small group of our friends and family joined us outside to help us celebrate the moment:

The fabulous people who could be a part of our big day!

The fabulous people who could be a part of our big day!

And this morning, I’m up early as usual and my hubby sleeps < our system works great for a pair of self employed people>, and I can take a moment to be grateful for his existence.

It is hard to believe it has been 17 years, while at the same time, it has always felt like we’ve know each other forever. We have our ups and downs like everyone.

We have a LOT of respect for each other and that basis in friendship carries us through the moment of WTF?!?

WTF _ SPRoCKET!And this little one is our second fur baby, Sprocket.

Boing on chair

Boing, our first min pin

Boing was our first and she helped shape all of our future decisions about our growth as a family. 3 days into having a dog, and we knew we were going to shelf our ideas of having homeschooled children that would take over the world for us. We would instead stick with a four-legged creature that would infiltrate the hearts and minds of all around us and keep them in her thrall.

And ADOPT- DON’T SHOP of course! Our fave rescue is the Minpinerie, but there are a lot of great places!

We are a couple who values the contribution that parents/breeders make to our world and enjoy borrowing our nieces and nephews when possible . And so long as we can live in our illusion of being the cool but elusive Aunt and Uncle, that works for us. If we cross over into the Strange aunt and uncle, that’s ok too!

And as long as The Next Generation has been replenished with both Vibert and Leroux genes – thanks to our siblings who have taken this on – it’s all good!

Me and some of TNG kin and their significant others.  Missing R's offspring: S, M and P. and my niece in law, K.

Me and some of TNG kin and their significant others. Missing R’s offspring: S, M and P. and my niece in law, K.

So, I could ramble on about how wonderful married life is, and bore you all to tears.

Make choices that work for you – be it a single you or a collective you.
And remember…an’ it harm none, do what thou wilt.

Oh and always try to eat Black forest cake and drink wine to celebrate your anniversary – traditions are important!


2015 is dancing along…

Just taking a moment to look ahead in my little universe…

I’m happy to be teaching 3 evenings/ week this session and have some amazing women in all of my classes!  I appreciate the focus, fun and silliness that comes out as I lead them through new moves and challenge them with variations on old moves!

I’m also enjoying seeing other members of our local community adding events of different flavours to the pot of available activities – Jehane is leading the Ottawa Shimmy Mob and practices will be underway soon, Eurika is running the upcoming Dancers Bazaar and Catharine has another fundraiser coming up at a new location in March.

Are you curious about these types of fun things?  Sign up for the Dancers News weekly updates here

And even non bellydance related things are shining –

Winterlude may see me this weekend. We’ll see – today is already fully booked with teaching my sewing class, seeing clients and then COMPANY!!

And new mini adventures have added some enjoyment – I tried the Moscow Tea Room on Sussex a couple of weeks ago and during the day, it’s a very peaceful place to enjoy some company.

Hubby and I also checked out the new Memories location on St. Patrick and it’s also lovely.

And Sprocket continues to entertain – trapped in her comforter for most of January…