Prepping for the upcoming Ottawa Dancer Bazaar- March 8

March 8th.

Knight’s of Columbus Hall at 260 McArthur.

Doors open from 12-4 p.m.

free admission – details of other vendors can be found here

Come to my table/booth:

TAV Creations/ Belly Dancing For Fun

Halyma’s Belly Dance instructional DVDs on sale:

CLICK on the photos for more details!

Halyma's Belly Dance DVD 1 coverHalyma's Belly Dance DVD 2 cover

Bazaar pricing will be $40 per set!  

That’s about half the price of ordering online!

1 day only!

Visa and Mastercard will be accepted, and cash is always welcome!

I’ll also have some used costumes, some new pieces and a new concept I’ll be presenting from my TAV Creations custom design side of things!


And I’ll also be practicing up this week to help lead the first official rehearsal for the May 9th Ottawa Shimmy Mob – part of an international fundraising challenge – still time for you to join!!

Celebrating 17 years, a moment between shenanigans…

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.

17 years ago, on a beautiful February morning, a small group of our friends and family joined us outside to help us celebrate the moment:

The fabulous people who could be a part of our big day!

The fabulous people who could be a part of our big day!

And this morning, I’m up early as usual and my hubby sleeps < our system works great for a pair of self employed people>, and I can take a moment to be grateful for his existence.

It is hard to believe it has been 17 years, while at the same time, it has always felt like we’ve know each other forever. We have our ups and downs like everyone.

We have a LOT of respect for each other and that basis in friendship carries us through the moment of WTF?!?

WTF _ SPRoCKET!And this little one is our second fur baby, Sprocket.

Boing on chair

Boing, our first min pin

Boing was our first and she helped shape all of our future decisions about our growth as a family. 3 days into having a dog, and we knew we were going to shelf our ideas of having homeschooled children that would take over the world for us. We would instead stick with a four-legged creature that would infiltrate the hearts and minds of all around us and keep them in her thrall.

And ADOPT- DON’T SHOP of course! Our fave rescue is the Minpinerie, but there are a lot of great places!

We are a couple who values the contribution that parents/breeders make to our world and enjoy borrowing our nieces and nephews when possible . And so long as we can live in our illusion of being the cool but elusive Aunt and Uncle, that works for us. If we cross over into the Strange aunt and uncle, that’s ok too!

And as long as The Next Generation has been replenished with both Vibert and Leroux genes – thanks to our siblings who have taken this on – it’s all good!

Me and some of TNG kin and their significant others.  Missing R's offspring: S, M and P. and my niece in law, K.

Me and some of TNG kin and their significant others. Missing R’s offspring: S, M and P. and my niece in law, K.

So, I could ramble on about how wonderful married life is, and bore you all to tears.

Make choices that work for you – be it a single you or a collective you.
And remember…an’ it harm none, do what thou wilt.

Oh and always try to eat Black forest cake and drink wine to celebrate your anniversary – traditions are important!


2015 is dancing along…

Just taking a moment to look ahead in my little universe…

I’m happy to be teaching 3 evenings/ week this session and have some amazing women in all of my classes!  I appreciate the focus, fun and silliness that comes out as I lead them through new moves and challenge them with variations on old moves!

I’m also enjoying seeing other members of our local community adding events of different flavours to the pot of available activities – Jehane is leading the Ottawa Shimmy Mob and practices will be underway soon, Eurika is running the upcoming Dancers Bazaar and Catharine has another fundraiser coming up at a new location in March.

Are you curious about these types of fun things?  Sign up for the Dancers News weekly updates here

And even non bellydance related things are shining –

Winterlude may see me this weekend. We’ll see – today is already fully booked with teaching my sewing class, seeing clients and then COMPANY!!

And new mini adventures have added some enjoyment – I tried the Moscow Tea Room on Sussex a couple of weeks ago and during the day, it’s a very peaceful place to enjoy some company.

Hubby and I also checked out the new Memories location on St. Patrick and it’s also lovely.

And Sprocket continues to entertain – trapped in her comforter for most of January…


So I thought I was having a bit of a crappy weekend…

It kind of started Thursday when my digestive system began to run amuck and I had clients to see, dance practice I wanted to attend and a busy Friday the next day.  But it all flowed okay-ish so on life goes…

The next morning, I had another round of not feeling great, but I don’t have that cold/flu that’s going around, so I figured, buck up buttercup, and get ‘er done.  Saw clients, had my sewing helper over and one final meal of beef that she brought out of the kindness of her heart <sadly, a greater than normal consumption of beef is the suspected culprit in my digestive adventures>

And Friday evening ended on the futon, rumblytumbly, but relaxing as I had 2 more clients due Saturday morning.

I got up early Saturday, feeling worse again, and managed to get some last minute work done, clients met and sent on their way and then I was able to relax and sleep and let my system empty itself out of it’s burdens.

Sunday morning, sleeping in, typing out the Dancer’s News from bed in order to stay there as long as possible and then off to a tea and toast brunch at our Bollywood For Fun Brainstorming Brunch < which went very well!>.

So really not actually a  totally crappy weekend, just an undercurrent of not feeling great throughout.

Final socializing involved a trip to the Hubby’s fave pub to visit with the in-laws before coming home to rest some more – I had had a very busy morning.

Since Hubby had work to do, settled into the bedroom, listening to my audio book du jour – Terry Goodkind’s, Wizard’s First Rule, and after what seemed like only a few minutes, I was already dozy, snoozy and generally half asleep with a little Sprocketdog curled up with me. Ah, peace.

Calmly, Hubby steps into the bedroom, ” Don’t panic, but get ready to go.” and he steps out again. Once the door had opened, I then heard the hallway alarm going off.  Had I fallen asleep, and Hubby gone out, I likely would have been rescued by a lovely Ottawa Fire Fighter, but I’m ok with the turn of events as they happened.

I looked around, unplugged my phone, turned off the audio book and headed to change into outside pants < was wearing pj bottoms, ya know> – I took the “don’t panic” as a good guideline. Pants, socks, dog, coat, laptop, boots, dog onto leash with her coat, Oh crap!

And yes, I made the choice to walk down the hallway to grab the two wedding dresses of clients who are getting married/ heading off to get married within the next week.

True Story: One of the brides was actually happy that her dress was staying for some minor final adjustments as she did not want to leave it at her mom’s – her mom has a fireplace and it would end up with a wood smoke smell… seriously. 

Back to the adventure.

Dresses in a large tote bag, dog on leash, husband with laptops, coat and boots and scarves and off we go.

Hubby left the apartment door unlocked- this is a good idea – fire folk have to go and check every unit, so would you not rather they be able to walk in and do their job without delay or sledgehammer?

Oh, and BTW, the entire time before he changed into his outside pants, Hubby was on the phone with 911, then he hung up as the sirens were blaring. Silly us, we both put our phones down to change and left them in the apartment. Priorities were all good though.

We were leaving the apartment and down to the outside door as we could see smoke coming from our neighbours door in the basement. Hubby had already been knocking on all doors, talking to neighbours and making sure everyone was ok and out.

Anyone who has heard me talk of the “superintendent” in the building knows he’s not really up for the job, and sadly this was another moment of reflecting that.  Everyone in the building was out, except for him, and fortunately, he opened his window which is at ground level and a fire fighter pulled him out.

His comment was that he thought the landlord was there testing the alarm system, until he opened his own door into the hallway and saw the smoke from the other apartment.

He had no shoes, no coat, but the fire fighters popped in when it was safe for them to do so and got him shoes and coat.  His cats were fine, but ere left in the apartment the entire time.

Be prepared people. You just never know.

Meanwhile, I had tossed the very important dresses into my car, moved it back out of the way as much as I could, left the dog in the car too and spoke with the police to help make sure that everyone was accounted for.

Hubby was checking on the neighbours, we got to know them a bit more – but never a good way for this to happen.

Street blocked, multiple emergency vehicles including police, paramedics, fire trucks and on King Edward, an OC Transpo bus was there for us to wait in and keep warm. Ottawa’s emergency services do a great job.  There may be situations where people are injured and sadly die, but based on the quick response we received and the communication and care given – the Red cross and Salvation army were also in play, especially for the couple who cannot go back into their home until that’s cleared.

So, thank you Ottawa services. Thank you neighbours who also came out to see what had happened and offer us a place to stay and anything we needed. Thanks friends on Facebook who checked in after seeing our first post, and again making generous offers. And thanks Mom for emailing :-)

We are fine. We’ll have to deal with the smell in our apartment, but I have to wait to see what the landlord does in the hallways as it just keeps drifting in.  Windows open while they can be, and laundry pile growing for when it feels like we can wash stuff without having to wash it again – hopefully later today< Monday>.

And so ends a sort of crappy weekend, but it could have been very different, so I’m grateful for my Awesome Hubby, and my snuggly doglet. and for all of you.

Special thank you to @OttawaFirePIO and @OttawaPolice for saving the day. @halyma and I are fine.



Monday – the cleaning crew arrived with this:IMG_7112 and told me to run it for 3 days…and it worked.

Tuesday: I’m given the gift of calm – thanks to Laura for her thoughtfulness …IMG_7122

Wednesday: They are back cleaning the hallway. I’m taking a lot of today off, as my Hubby has developed the same symptoms as I had last week so I am hoping he feels better before Friday!

If we can make it out:

1 We hit the Museum of Nature for Nature Nocturne – there will be both Anime < for Him> and Ping Pong < for her> in celebration of the Year of the Goat!

Then on the way home, we hope to pop in on the Fundraiser set up to help out our neighbours who lost their apartment: Help get Kitty a home