And life can resume again.

At the beginning of September, I always feel like the new year is starting.  It’s back to school for many people – both kids and adults, and there’s a freshness to the air that just blows away the sweatiness of summer.

For the first week or two, though, I wait with anticipatory tension and hope to see which of my classes will run, who I’ll get to play with again, and what new adventures I’ll be embarking upon.  Now that I know the status of most of my classes, I can take a deep breath and get down to business. There’s still room on Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. if you want to try bellydance :-)


It’s been an interesting September though during the wait – creating 7 new dresses for Bollywood For Fun < 4 more to be made over the next couple of weeks as well>…learning a new routine taught by my co-founder of BFF, Eurika for Cine-Musique last night…


as well as reconnecting with the Luxe ladies for a brief stint of Alterations Specialist work…

And now, I feel I can start to focus on the other many things I’ve had to put aside for the moment while I was prepping for the “new year”.

While I am no longer chair of the OttawaBrowncoats, my company, TAV Creations, is a sponsor, and I will be there to support the charities, enjoy Serenity, and see the amazing costumes and great people who come out for this fun event.

I also took some time while on holidays in August to examine more ways I can be good to me, I’m actually pretty self- preservationist most of the time anyway, but I can easily get caught up in doing more than I can do without starting to twitch, so part of my new year’s resolutions involve taking some time for me and my little family every week.


And eventually, I’ll even start getting out to more events that are not directly related to my work/business/etc. and trying some new things – but one step at a time.

For now – let’s get this new year off to a mellow start:

Summer Sabbatical just around the corner…

Last Friday, I was pleased to have been a part of a great charity evening, Summer Sizzle Ignite the Night 2014.IMG_5922


The dancers were !!!!!! Amazingly phenomenal!  I on the other hand, after giving my energy to our Bollywood For Fun performance, was hit by that wave of inertia that I try to keep at bay, but with everything else happening in my  personal little universe…

So, instead of being an “awesome stage dancer”, which each and every one of the other performers that night showed how to do that, I chose my alternate route – for which I am known.

After a few fun moments on stage, I took to the darkness,  dancing through the crowd, enjoying being a “community dancer”.  I think I chatted with as many people as I danced around as I did during the rest of the evening when not performing!

So congrats to Catharine Crerar for another great event.  And thank you for having me be a part of it.

This week I am preparing for our move, not far, but after 17 years in the same building, 16 in the same unit, I’ve had a lot of stuff to go through.

And the new place is still under renos < which are being done so I am grateful, but timing!!!  So panic mode is gently running under the calm demeanour I am trying to maintain while I finish off 5 clients today and tomorrow, pack boxes and stack them, calm a stressed out dog < with the most appreciated help of Dar > and attempt to organize the generously offered time of friends and family who will help us move – assuming we can get in there Wednesday to at least stack boxes into a big empty room :-)

Then August 1st hits and I am on SUMMER SABBATICAL.

Which means time is spent settling what we can in the apartment, dealing with outstanding website issues, business paperwork and sleeping if possible. But generally, heading offline, outside, unavailable, disappearing, socializing  when possible and just taking some family time!

Then I’ll see you in September! < click for my class schedule :-) >

Scene from Pog lake


Kickstarting Second Class Supers – Day One


Friends of our are doing something awesome! Check and support if you can!!

Originally posted on David Peralty's Ramblings:

This blog post is being written as things happen.

There is definitely a high as we push the button to go live. I’m nervous that no one is going to help back our project.

Getting to this point has been crazy. I’ve spent numerous hours building out the project page, having people review it and making tweaks to it. I contemplated having a video versus not having one, and was still going back and forth on it as we launched the project.

I took ample advantage of the great cover design that Leo Black made for us, building it into various graphics all over our project.

Annie and I got on Facebook and promoted the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. I also went to Reddit, Google+ and even LinkedIN to try to garner some support. As the first few pledges came in, I started to feel super excited. The nerves…

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Hanging in there…

This weekend, we had a yard sale, checked out the new apartment we’ll be moving to within the next 2 weeks and generally had a bit of an emotional  roller coaster time.

After 17 years in an “unusually large for the price” apartment, with access to a back yard that almost no one else ever used, it will be strange to start paying “market value rent”, for a place about ¾ the size of our present place, with a much smaller yard area and 5 other, fully occupied units.

It’s still an older building with “character”, it’s in our chosen area to live; due to the other aspects of our lives, it was most logical for us to stick around this area.

And it’s disconcerting, strange, and hard to always keep up the positive viewpoint since we really would not be moving if things were totally in our control.  But we did make the choice to move now, instead of waiting to see how bad it might get here with the new owners doing renovations upstairs.

And we have so many blessings that even with this small change in our lives, I am grateful for the offers of many friends to help us move – STOP ASKING US WHEN- WE’LL LET YOU KNOW AS SOON AS WE DO! :-)

Downsizing, living more simply, letting go of excess, all such noble sentiments and I am doing my best to go with the positives of it.  Certainly, I am glad we were able to sell and give away a LOT of stuff yesterday and the few things I kept to sell online are items of value that someone will be willing to pay for – or wedding gifts !!

And there will be a grieving process that I will be going through as well. But I grieve privately, so while I am sure folks believe they are being supportive by making, “Aw, that’s too bad”  type of sentiments, it is not actually helpful.

I know you are all there to support us, if and when we need you.

THANK YOU.  YOU ARE APPRECIATED. But like anyone who has gone camping with me, worked an event with me, or generally been around me, I will ask when I need the help, but otherwise, as I’ve heard many friends say, “Stay  outta the way! It’s safer that way…”

We have a lot of changes still coming in our existence, so if you feel you want to be helpful, keep sending us work to help us pay the bills, “like” my silly Sprocket pictures, and occasionally, when we have time for it, we’ll be out there socializing and enjoying your awesome company.

Ok – personal time done !

Come see me dance Friday, July 25th at Summer Sizzle and if you don’t have a ticket, you can win one from me here!