Raw Food – mmm good – sometimes!

I wanted to try to add more salads, raw foods and generally healthy stuff to my food intake system.

 I have found that I am still a sucker for “take out/ delivery” – but as we try to keep it as healthy as we can when we do it, I don’t feel so bad. IF we can reduce the number of times in a month we order in, I would be even happier!  

Camping is going to be fun when suddenly we are making all of our own meals!  I am foreseeing a lot of “store-walks”, but that entails 2 hours walk to the store, and two hours walk back – so that’s okay!

Back to the raw food inclusions:  

Berries: of course – easy and plentiful right now.

Avocados: not within the 100 km range, but a staple of raw foodists,and surprisingly good mashed with cocoa and agave syrup.

and salads:


This cheese is not raw!

This cheese is not raw!


And I was able to enjoy about 4 red leaf lettuce leaves, with these toppings and treated them like mini wraps.

mmm good…