Eco-TAV soft launch this coming weekend!

Just a teaser – Eco-TAV will feature new products from TAV Creations that involve looking at our daily choices in regards to our environment!

Join me at the RA Centre
Join me at the RA Centre

Who doesn’t look at their daily choices these days?  

Who isn’t going green?  

And that’s great!  Everyone does need to take a moment and find the easy ways to make their choices as consumers, creators, teachers, parents and citizens of the planet reflect their own level of concern!

Eco-Tav will provide you with ways for reducing take-out garbage, replacing the disposable with the reusable, and finding some joy in beautiful and creative one of a kind accessories for the technologically inclined!

Join me at the RA Centre Christmas Craft Sale as I bring these goodies to light!



2 thoughts on “Eco-TAV soft launch this coming weekend!

  1. I’ll be dropping by one of the weekends, just haven’t decided for sure which one!

    Do you have a standing Timmie’s order in mind? Not sure if you’re doing caffiene these days or not. Drop me a message, cos I’ll forget to come back here.. haha.

    Good luck at the craft sale, I wish you lots of luck and good fortune! Or have fun and make lots of cash! lol


    PS, logo is very nice

  2. Thanks Mishka!
    Placing my order in a personal message shortly! I’ll need to get you a travel mug though – all that environmentally aware thinking gets hard to let go of 🙂

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