Holiday Sales: Eco-TAV cell phone/ mp3 player cases

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CRW_8618.jpg, originally uploaded by campdancer2000.

I have started a new business: Eco-TAV – I think I have mentioned it here on my blog a few times now!

But to reiterate: I don’t like waste, and I end up with a lot of fabulous pieces of leftover fabrics [ Reclaimed Textiles]  that I have been waiting to be inspired by my muse. And it happened this fall with these wonderfully creative, one-of-a-kind  art cases that will fit a variety of cell phones/pdas and mp3 players.

While I based them on the products we have chez nous, I have been pleased to find that simply “test-driving” the cases will elicit a positive result ! So far, customers have been able to find the right one for their particular tech product by merely slipping them in and out and finding the one they like both in style and usability!

How will this work for online purchases? Which have FREE Shipping until December 31st! I am working on that, but the simple process of sending me measurements of your device will certainly help in that. Hmmm…perhaps I need to connect with all of the tech companies to have a example of each product – just to make sure my cases will fit.

 I will be bringing the line to the next ByMug Meeting for a pre/post meeting sale, but if you would like to see them in advance there are pics online and you can email me for info about them regarding size and price at