Earth Week – jumping on the bandwagon?

This will be brief – you all know what we have to do. What I would love to see are some comments below that share your ideas for simple solutions to everyday waste issues. I am always looking for new ideas, so please share away!
If your tap takes a while to run the hot water, be sure to collect the cold to use for your plants, or drinking or whatever – don’t let it run down the drain.

And just in case you did not remember my own entrepreneurial journey into the Eco-Realm:

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One thought on “Earth Week – jumping on the bandwagon?

  1. Some ideas that have been posted on my Facebook!

    Heather G at 8:27am April 21
    think global act local- what can they do in their own neighbourhoods, schools to green them

    Jackie O at 9:06am April 21
    Let them know it’s ok to teach their parents. :o)

    Bonnie-jean at 9:32am April 21
    when you forget your bag…carry your goods/choose the products with the least packaging……learn to compost/learn about where your food comes from/eat local……wear second hand clothing/learn to sew….get strong, ride your bike….

    Jessica at 9:33am April 21
    Empower them – let them know that restoring the environment will be ‘the’ task of their generation. Older generations are feeling guilty for the damage they’ve done/having not done enough yet. Youth don’t have that weight and they can galvanize behind the positive.

    Bonnie-jean at 9:36am April 21
    last night i learned from david susuki that i can stop using plastic wrap -as tinfoil can go into the recycle box and would do about the same thing.

    young people should get to know SUSUKI our canadian hero and his work.

    Kel at 9:53am April 21
    Start paying attention to Depression-era old folks around you. They are truly kings and queens of reduce/reuse/recycle.

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