Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar Poll

With the Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar coming up on October 24th, 2009, we as vendors want to know what you as shoppers are looking for!  So I created a poll to see what is the most wanted items for this fall!

If you are looking for more than one thing, or something other than what I have included, please leave a comment saying so!

This will really help provide some pre Bazaar guidance for those of us hoping to provide you with what you are looking for!

So help us out – give your feedback and have some fun!~

8 thoughts on “Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar Poll

  1. Love the bazzar!! I go to every one!! Wish I had more $$$ to spend at the bazzar!! If I may make a suggestion….one thing I do have trouble finding are tops to fit…I’m a 36 to 38DD, and most vendor merchandise like the coin bras are too darned small, and the selection of longer tops is very limited…those of us with more majestic proportions love to dance too!!
    xo Siddiqah

  2. I’ve just ordered a dozen sets of GREAT quality zills from Saroyan Mastercrafts. I’ll be in the Tarot Tent as usual, doing Tarot Readings from noon – 4, however, if you see me pop out of the tent for a breather, to call a name, run to the washroom or shimmy, please inquire!
    Sha’ Vega
    “She” of the Tarot Tent

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  4. A reminder to everyone planning to be at the Bazaar… The Veiled Eye will be selling weighted veils as per usual. The workshop to learn how to use them will be on November 1st 1-4pm (basic + advanced). If you buy a set of veils and sign up for the workshop on or before October 24th, you get a discount for the workshop.

    All the details are in Tracey’s Dancers’ Newsletter (or will be soon) and on my website at

    So come prepared to save money. All new stock in production now for the Dancers’ Bazaar on October 24th.

    See you there!

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