Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar Poll-March2010

With the Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar coming up on March 6,2010, we as vendors want to know what you as shoppers are looking for!  So please take our poll to see what is the most wanted items for this winter!  You can choose more than one item – but what are your real intentions for your shopping adventures??

If you are looking for something other than what I have included, please leave a comment saying so! We’d love to get your thoughts!

This will really help provide some pre Bazaar guidance for those of us hoping to provide you with what you are looking for!

So help us out – give your feedback and have some fun!~

4 thoughts on “Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar Poll-March2010

  1. Yaaay, another bazaar!! Same request as last time…goddess size costume bras and tops please…thanx!!

  2. Come see me Laura…I might have nice burgundy one that’ll fit you. It’s lightly used but still in excellent condition. Going to sell it for ~$200 half the price I originally bought it for.

    Erika (Isaden)

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