Pumpkin Gnocch-offs – Vegan at that!

The little bits of orange are pumpkiny sweetness!

I don’t “get” gnocchi.

I am thinking, pasta is pasta and dumplings are dumplings, but gnocchi is somewhere between the two… – and I welcome anyone who does “get” gnocchi to straighten me out in the comments 😉

That being said, I wanted some lunch and had some mashed pumpkin and tomato sauce, and thought I remembered hearing about how this gnocchi stuff was made with potatoes and flour… and off I went.

Here’s the deal- or – the odd things I do, just because…:

1-I used pumpkin from a friend – organic backyard pumpkin – that I roasted and mashed a while ago and had put about 2 cups in the freezer.

2- I make my own oat flour and flax meal by using a designated coffee bean grinder to turn oats and flax seeds into powder on demand.

So that covers the sources of ingredients – do as you please, of course, to get your own!

On to the recipe :

Pumpkin Gnocch”offs”

  • 3 tablespoons flax meal
  • 1 cup oat flour
  • 1 cup  cooked pumpkin – mashed, pureed etc.
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour

Add just enough boiling water to cover the flax meal in a small bowl and let sit for at least 5 minutes. It will get a bit slimy – this replaces an egg – which you can choose to use instead if you are not vegan.

Dump it and everything else into a bowl and mix well.

Turn the over on to 375 degrees F.

Lightly spray a cookie sheet or two, and using a teaspoon, drop about 60 tiny dumplings onto the sheet[s].

Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes – checking them until they dry on the outside and lightly brown, but are still soft when you push on one.

Recipe  serves 2.

Vegan style  Gnocch-offs= 390 Calories per serving = loads of Omega shiny happiness…

Egg style:  = 240 calories per serving [ no flax used =  less Omega shiny happy depending on your egg choice!]

I heated up some tomato sauce and tossed my serving of Gnocch-offs into my bowl, covered them with sauce and ate up! Yum!

I think these would make great appetizers too with some fun dipping sauces…

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  1. Very nice. That gives me an idea for the lone pumpkin languishing on my sister’s kitchen counter… But don’t diss dem gnocchis! With the right sauce (or right amount of butter), it can border on a religious experience!

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