Remembering my roots…

Everyone needs an orange spider to be "spinny" for them...

Just back from a supply run, and after trying two other Byward Market places that might have sold twill tape/straight of grain ribbon, I ended up at Richard Robinson school.  The Tuck Shop.

There is a funny young man who has been working there for about 5 years, according to his chatter today, and I pop upstairs about once every 4-6 months for some supply that I don’t want to drive all the way out to a fabric store to pick up and especially if the little yarn/sewing place on Nicholas doesn’t have it { I go see her first, small business and all}

And today it was straight of grain tape as I have a slew of under-bustles to create and I have devised my own ribbon system that works pretty well, especially with cotton tape that sticks to itself once tied in a little bow.

As I was leaving the school, I cannot help but count the years since I graduated from the Fashion Designer { 1988] and Couturier [ 1989] courses there.   It’s been a while.  And over the past few years, I have run into a few of my school mates from those years, some still sewing but many having moved on to other creative adventures – which is all very cool.

Today I was thinking of the day I went in for my first meeting with “Mr. Robinson”, when I was applying to attend the school.  I don’t remember the exact day or anything, but it would have been in the spring of 1986, the year I graduated from high school, making me 17 at the time – just barely 17.

My mom and I drove to Ottawa and she came up with me and waited for our allotted appointment time.  I told her it was okay for her to stay out in the waiting area while i went in, but “Mr. Robinson” happy invited her to join us.  I would have shown him sewing projects and probably some artwork, and I vaguely remember him asking my mom what she thought – kinda odd, but I think he was trying to make me feel comfortable as I would be one of the youngest people in the class.  Folks from Ontario did 2 more years than us folk in Quebec at that time, so I would have been starting at 17 with 19 -40 year olds { actually one lovely lady was in her 50s I think}.

So while I don’t remember every specific detail, I do remember the feeling of nervousness, anticipation, but also a confidence  – I always felt strong in my sewing capabilities, even at that age.  I was making Grad dresses that year for 3 friends…

Anyhoo – if one is going to spend some time on  beautiful Friday afternoon reminiscing, it might as well be about something positive, and although there were a lot of stressful times during those 3 years, and the 20ish years since, it’s all good.


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  1. And there are many folks in the city, including some lucky dancers, that are glad you made that drive!

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