Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar – Opening things up…

Many of you will have already been to one of the biannual Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaars that I have been organizing since the first one in the spring of 1999.  And after so many years, the growth from one room with 7 tables to it’s present location at the Knight’s of Columbus Hall on McArthur with between 35 and 40 tables, it’s been a good run with the support of the area’s Middle Eastern/Belly dance community!

This past October, things were quieter.

Still over 200 patrons plus vendors and volunteers came out to support the event, but it’s a sign of something… Certainly the economy has affected every “luxury” endeavour and while for some of us, belly dance is no longer a luxury but a way of life, for many, it’s a reality that folks may be shifting their interests and disposable incomes to more practical things.

So, what to do, what to do… hmmm…

1 – I could just stop organizing the Dancers’ Bazaar, and folks can simply go online and find the stuff they want there. hmm… 

2 – I can accept that there has been a shift in the community growth and the numbers will probably be down for a while, until some hollywood maven brings Middle Eastern dance back to the forefront of general society. Hmmm – yeah, but that doesn’t help my students find accessories and costumes and music.


3- I can open things up to other dance forms.

“WHAAT?” you say!

Oh wait, you’ve already been trying them anyway, haven’t you?  I know that many of us are enticed by all dance forms – and many of belly dance’s closest cousins are already part of our repertoires.

Flamenco, Hip hop, Gypsy, Bollywood, Salsa, Burlesque, Ballroom etc. are just a few of the dance styles that have touched our hearts as we love to play with rhythms and dressing up!

So… now I need your help to SPREAD THE WORD!  The Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar welcomes all dancers and new vendors!!  Tell your creative friends and active souls to come join the fun!  

Feel free to grab the letter below and pass it along to EVERYONE you think might enjoy adding their own dance perspective to the February Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar