IN Memoriam: Gee Gee Amine….

I just received some very sad news.

Gee Gee Amine Robinson passed away in her sleep last night. She was admitted to the General Hospital on Saturday afternoon, and was in the cardiac care unit.  If you did not know this amazing woman, or only met her later in life, please read her Bio from 2000 sent to me by Ross: GEE Gee BIO

Celebrating the life of Gee Gee Amine Robinson – Memorial Gathering of Dancers and Friends

The Ottawa belly dance community received some very sad news this past week, our longtime friend, dancer, and colleague Gee Gee Amine passed away peacefully in her sleep on March 27. As well as being one of the founders of our dance community, she was a longtime driving force in OMEDA and was always involved in getting dancers involved in supporting community events such as Art in the Park, the Ottawa Marathon and various fundraising events around the city. Gee Gee leaves behind her a legacy of many dancers who learned from her and loved her, and together we wish to celebrate her life and her memory.
We invite you to join us for a gathering and halfa to share stories and memories, next Saturday, April 7th at the Heron Road Community Centre (2nd floor), 1480 Heron, from 1-4pm.

Please share this invitation widely with those who may not be receiving the Dancers’ News. Also, I know Gee Gee would love if we all performed her “Belly Gram” in her memory at this event.

So please bring your memories (stories, pictures, ect), a hip scarf and refreshments to share as we honor our dear teacher and friend.

Please contact Niki at: theodorn @, 613-736-2969 (day) or 613-818-8683 (cell), if you plan to attend or you need further details.You can also contact her husband, Ross at 613-731-0815.

I’ll be adding some photos here as soon as I have permission from folks in them. If you have photos of Gee Gee that you don’t mind having posted here, email me a jpg:  And Niki would love to have any high quality files you have for the memorial on Saturday – contact her at the information above.

Gee Gee Amine -Ottawa Race Weekend - May 25 2008

Gee Gee Amine with a Raceweekend runner-May 25 2008

Hi Tracey: This is one of my favourite pics..we were posing for several different cameras, and I couldn't resist making a naughty comment about having Zeevahs {edited} jabbing me in the back..everybody burst out laughing, and thankfully the photographer caught the moment.

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  1. The Dance Community will not be the same without her! Always came to expect her joyful presence at each and every event…shows we should not take anyone for granted, and enjoy each and every day.
    Big hugs to everyone grieving,

  2. Wow! Its hard to believe. Geegee was like a force of nature, and one of my greatest inspirations. Her love and commitment to her art will live on through her students and all of us who were lucky enough to watch her dance:)

  3. I will miss her. Gee Gee was my first teacher and I had such a great time in her class with Niki, Nora and Juli. Gee Gee loved to dance and had so much energy! My heart goes out to all those in mourning.

    Michelle (Farasha)

  4. So sad, my heart goes out to her family and friends. I will always remember her and how she gave me my first start.

  5. How sad. She was my gateway into the Ottawa dance scene way back in 1989. I will remember fondly afternoons of costuming or group rehearsals in her attic stuffed full of costumes and dance memorabilia. She was a very generous person.

  6. This is devastating news. My sincere condolences go out to her husband, family, friends and the entire dance community. Ottawa has lost the greatest ‘Ambassador of Dance’ we ever had. She was a massive inspiration to so many, giving the gift of dance to many thousands of dancers, and she made me want to be just like her ‘when I grow up’… she helped me realize that the love of dance has no age limit. We shall all dance in her name as time goes on without her😥 Now she dances for the Universe.

  7. We were very sad to hear about GeeGee’s passing. She had a wonderful passion for dance and will be missed by so many people. Our deepest condolences. She is dancing in heaven now.

  8. I didn’t know Gee Gee personally but when I saw her at dance events, wow did she ever have a presence! I only wish I could of known her. My condolences to her family, loved ones and those whose lives she touched.

  9. My Condolences to Gee Gee’s family. She always made me feel welcome at events. She was an inspirational woman, with a kind heart and will be greatly missed. The angels have the most beautiful dancer among them now🙂

  10. In the 1950’s Gee Gee was my first ballet teacher. Almost 35 years later, when I moved back to Ottawa, she welcomed me into the Ottawa Bellydance community. Yes, she was a force of nature and a very generous soul. Now, she’ll have a chance to teach the angels a different kind of dance in front of the Almighty’s throne.

  11. I’m deeply saddened to learn of Gee Gee’s passing. She was a lovely dancer, and an incredible person who worked hard at building a dedicated community of dancers, as evidenced by her many years participation in OMEDA, teaching community classes, participating in community events, even coming out of her ‘retirement’ to continue teaching! I did not know her well on a personal level, but have always thought of her as one of our community’s greatest contributors. Her passion for dance clearly was an important part of her life, and I’m sure she touched the lives of many students. Her presence in our community will be missed.

  12. Gee Gee was, without a doubt, the most enthusiastic dancer I have had the priviledge to meet. She welcomed me when I knew no-one and supported me in my very earliest days as a dancer. She was the first instructor of my long-term teacher… sort of my dance grandmother. Taking classes with her felt like learning from a master.

    She leaves a huge legacy for those of us who follow her. For all that she wasn’t a large woman, it’s going to be hard for us to fill out her bedlah!

  13. Gee Gee used to spend time in the San Diego area, and this is where my husband and I met her at a hafla in the mid-nineties. He was as impressed as I was by her knowledge, insight, and energy and encouraged me to take a private lesson with her. Gee Gee came to my house in La Mesa, and I danced around my living room while she tactfully diagnosed my posture issues. I remember having a delightful time and being inspired by this wonderful teacher!

  14. Gee Gee opened the world of dance to me, her heart, her home. She was very generous, very honest, inspiring, encouraging and the best friend that a person could ever have. It was she who gave me the confidence to perform, teach and fall in love with dance when as a child I was told that I could never succeed at it. Words cannot express how much she is missed.

  15. Gee Gee welcomed so many people to dance and all different dance forms, and was always encouraging to everyone. The dance community will miss her. God bless her; may she rest in peace.

  16. Such sad and unexpected news. She had such boundless energy I just expected her to keep on going forever. I will miss her. My condolences to all her family and friends.

  17. Oh, GeeGee, you were such a joyful person and deeply devoted to dancing. Whenever I saw you, I admired your passion, creativity, and the warmth of your heart. You are so loved and will be missed by us all.

  18. It’s sad to learn that Gee Gee is gone now. She was such a stable force in the bellydance community. I’m happy that she was able to continue dancing and playing a role in the bellydance community for so long. That’s a fantastic photo of her – can’t help but smile as I remember her spirit. I shall always remember her dancing.

  19. It is hard to imagine the dance community without Gee Gee and her love of dance. I remember her warmth, generousity, and encouragement. She treated all of her dancers like family – never forgetting birthdays and special occasions and organizing parties. She will be missed by so many but her legacy and love of dance will live on in everyone whom she has taught and inspired.

  20. I am at a loss for words. I was just talking to her at FLOD and we were suppose to meet up soon. Gee Gee was my first bellydance teacher back in Jan 2003. The one who ignited the spark in me and got me to perform numerous times for charity events. She was passionate about her dance and gave back to our community. A kind soul who thought of others whether it was dancing for CHEO, fostering a cat or holding a bellydance gathering. We will miss her spirit, kindness and most of all her friendship. I have many fond memories of Gee but will miss her dearly. My condolences to her family and her friends. Niki

  21. I’m very sad to learn we’ve lost Gee Gee. She got me started in 2007, with genuine welcoming encouragement. I felt priviledged to dance with her at various outdoor events, and was honoured to receive one of her “Shen” pins. As a tribute, I will put together various photos and post them on Flickr for the dance community to view. Her inspiration will live on in all of us.

  22. Gee Gee was my first belly-dancing teacher. Her zest and enthusiasm for dancing and life in general was amazing. Every year, as I am sure many others did, I would receive a Christmas card with a letter of her yearly escapades, vacations and happenings. I felt exhaused just reading about all those things she did. (lol). I will miss seeing her out and about at different events and I will be thinking of her, especially at Christmas for years to come. I’ll look for her resting place when I visit the graves of my dad and my brother at Capital Memorial Gardens and say a little prayer for her too. We have lost a teacher, friend, and indeed a wonderful lady.

  23. Until to day I really couldn,t ot didn.t want to come to grips with the fact Gee is really gone and our friendship is too. We were friends from the first day I met her in the early 70,s and will miss her and Ross dropping in ontheir way thru Prescott to the states, she was always there for everyone and people really had no idea of how much she did for the dance community . No one person will ever fill her shoes and she had many for all dance occasions.we loved you dearly and may you rest in peace . Estelle/Nezmeh

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