2014 – updating the site – a little bit at least!

In an effective way to still be “productive” while avoiding pulling out the stacks of paperwork I need to process for my businesses, I’ve been updating the look here just a little bit and shifting the information around.

Hopefully it will feel more streamlined, and be effective for use by people looking to find out more about my classes, my DVDs, hiring me or my bellydancingforfun ladies for events etc.

And, of course, I’ll be continuing to send out weekly updates to the Dancers’ News, both from the online version here, as well as the one you can subscribe to on the original site.

So, welcome 2014, I look forward to tweaking { not twerking, just to be clear} things as I try to improve both my dance and custom bridal and eco sewing & design business presences online!

And in case you want to come dancing- registration is underway: