The Ottawa Dancers’ News – New for 2014

Revisions, additions, send in your stuff!

After our Pros meeting last weekend, and a quick chat about trying to establish a visual guide for upcoming local [and a bit beyond] events and classes etc. I decided to give Google calendar another try as an open way to have people see the events coming up at a glance.

I’ve populated the new Ottawa Dancers’ News Calendar with most of the classes and events I’ve been sent, and invited the teachers who regularly send me their information to have behind the scenes access so that they can update their own events in the calendar, if they so choose. You would have received an email invitation to join the google calendar.

Because I don’t want to miss anything with the weekly email update I sent out, I am asking folks to still submit their text information by email or go to this handy submission page and fill out the info and send it in.

The co-ordinator of each event will also be given backdoor access to their event so that they can update it as new information comes in, and usually I will receive an automatic email from google telling me there’s been a change, but we will be keeping an eye on that functionality to make sure I don’t miss anything!

The other listings I offer will remain online in text form as usual – you can click through to each of them by the cute colourful boxes beneath the calendar!

And you can still sign up to receive the weekly updates so that you don’t miss anything!


Simply send an email to and within a minute you should get an email asking for you to confirm that you want to sign up to the mailing list. Just click reply and then send! Thats it!


Send your text only information to: with “Belly Dance news” in the subject line [or something equally creative!].