Dance season winding up…

As the leaves are falling from the trees, and the cloudier, rainier days settle in, my classes are just getting into the final weeks of lessons with routines and general whacky fun!

We practice and play as we prepare to present some fun routines at a semi-private event in December and the fun of doing a dance recital as an adult is indescribable.

Well, maybe a little bit describable …

We get to approach the event as without the pressure of being forced to perform – it’s always optional!

We know that perfection is about maintaining a fun state of mind, not about getting every tiny detail exactly right < it’s a student show after all>, and…

We get to play dress-up as adults! Speaking of which, if you are looking for costuming for your upcoming dance event, or need adjustments to your pieces, drop me a note in my other world,

At present, all of the tickets are accounted for amongst the host teachers, and their students and personal guests, if any come available, I’ll be letting you know!

Otherwise, I hope you are all finding ways to bring your dreams and joys together into finished projects – whether art, writing, dance, or even exams and job projects.

Every goal we accomplish, big or small, builds upon our foundation of clarifying why the heck we are here after all.

So this is me, just having fun – relaxing, not getting too technical, and hopefully making some people smile!


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