(Vegan and Gluten-Free) Jamaican Sweet Potato Pone (or Pudding)

I’m reflagging this so I can find it easily and while I have not tried authentic Pone, I think this looks like it will be amazing! Will try it soon and post any variations I do! Thanks Simone for sharing it!

Life After Oxtail

For the longest time, I had a hankering for some sweet potato pone — the kind my aunts used to make. According to Google, pone is an unleavened cornbread or flat cake.  Apparently it’s well known in the southern United States, but Jamaicans are known to end a good meal with some sweet potato pone or cassava pone for dessert.

I searched online and in my cookbooks for a recipe, but couldn’t find one that was to my liking (and was vegan).  So here’s my attempt at a Jamaican classic:

Note:  When I first made this recipe, I mistakenly used the orange-fleshed sweet potatoes which is why the pone didn’t set as firmly as it could.  The recipe still works if you use them; however, the authentic Jamaican recipe calls for the white-fleshed, purplish-skinned potatoes.

Juice from 2 small oranges or 1 large orange (or you can use a cup…

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