Prepping for the upcoming Ottawa Dancer Bazaar- March 8

March 8th.

Knight’s of Columbus Hall at 260 McArthur.

Doors open from 12-4 p.m.

free admission – details of other vendors can be found here

Come to my table/booth:

TAV Creations/ Belly Dancing For Fun

Halyma’s Belly Dance instructional DVDs on sale:

CLICK on the photos for more details!

Halyma's Belly Dance DVD 1 coverHalyma's Belly Dance DVD 2 cover

Bazaar pricing will be $40 per set!  

That’s about half the price of ordering online!

1 day only!

Visa and Mastercard will be accepted, and cash is always welcome!

I’ll also have some used costumes, some new pieces and a new concept I’ll be presenting from my TAV Creations custom design side of things!


And I’ll also be practicing up this week to help lead the first official rehearsal for the May 9th Ottawa Shimmy Mob – part of an international fundraising challenge – still time for you to join!!


Great Day at the Bazaar

Had a wonderful time sleeping in, having breakfast with the hubby and then heading out to the Ottawa Dancer’s Bazaar that is now under the helm of Eurika and Farasha.

And we got goofy:

Leila and Linda

Leila and Linda

Leila and Halyma/Tracey

Leila and Halyma/Tracey

And I had fun!

Socializing with vendors who used to come when I was running this show, and meting new vendors that joined the fun at Erika’s invitation, it was a great community event – as I always aimed for myself.

No this isn’t all about me – but bear in mind, this is my blog, so I’m going relate to it from my perspective even as I happily acknowledge the passing of the torch.

The first joke of the day was arriving and seeing that Shibori Borealis Daisymobile had taken my fave parking spot – and Linda pointed out how I am no longer the “queen bee” of the day 🙂

Totally correct!

And so I took the spot beside, and after quickly unloading my stuff with the help of the fabulous volunteers, and then got set up and got more help from them as they found me an extra table, and set up my racks, I thought – I like being a vendor only – it’s WAY EASIER!

So kudos to the new organizers, the great folks who help them and the vendors who keep on coming out to join in the fun!

Now back to our regular workload – busy sewing day ahead and more dancing to come!

Oh – and I still have some lovely pouches for sale – message me if your new veils need a home!


Eco-TAV Creations items

it's a silk veil bag!is it a pillow?Silk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav CreationsSilk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav CreationsSilk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav CreationsSilk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav Creations
Silk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav CreationsSilk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav CreationsSilk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav CreationsSilk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav CreationsSilk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav CreationsSilk and cotton veil pouches by EcoTav Creations

Eco-TAV Creations items, a set on Flickr.

With custom sewing begin my first love, creating ready made costume pieces for the upcoming Bazaar was an option only if I had adequate time to be uber creative.

With that self-imposed limitation, and a full respect for the clients who are coming to me these days and need my full attention to bring their pieces to life, I chose to stick with Eco-TAV pieces.

So here are a few shots of my latest creative endeavour- – reversible bags to protect your favourite veil! Made from reclaimed textiles – hand dyed cotton and silk pieces from india, these one of a kind pieces let you protect your “new precious”!

So be sure to pop by my table at the October 20th New Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar from 12 noon to 4 p.m.!


Need a costume?

Oh, what a leading title when Halloween is just a few weeks away!

But really, I am pretty sure that some of the vendors at the upcoming Dancers’ Bazaar will have some good deals and great ideas if you are hoping to be a Gypsy, Belly dancer, Arabian princess, in a prize winning costume for the upcoming holiday soirees!

With free admission, and hourly door prizes – you might as well come on out and see what fun can be had with Ottawa’s belly dance community!


Address: 260 MacArthur, Knight’s of Columbus Hall

DOORS OPEN : noon to 4 p.m.






@ecotav or @halyma

CliCK on the Photo for more pics!

@ecotav or @halyma, originally uploaded by Halyma.

My booths at all trade shows represent my universe of creativity/activity/craziness!
The Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar is not different!

With just about 200 people coming through the doors, our numbers have been declining in mass but increasing in sensitiveness – the folks who are coming in are all leaving with something so we know they are there to shop!

With everyone classes down a bit over the past few years, it’s easy to see why we are not swamped with folks to entire afternoon. At the same time, it is so nice to see all of the familiar faces, and meet the folks who have emailed me over the years and now I finally see them in person.

So, once again, I take the Monday after the Bazaar to reflect and clean up – repacking the volunteer box, putting away the tents and poles and everything fun we use to create a comfortable relaxed atmosphere for our shoppers and vendors….

NExt one will be October 16th, 2011. Yes, deposit has been made.  Registration for vendors will take place in September.  Bug me then 🙂

But in the meantime, if you are looking for some great belly dance or bollywood goodies and did not make it to the bazaar, but sure to check out this link for the bazaar vendors who have websites, and the Shopping Opportunities page connected to the Dancers’ News for other vendor info !

And if you know of anywhere amazing to get stuff throughout the year – please post the info in the comments !

Thanks to all who came, supported, shopped, sold and how lucky are we-we’re a part of a great community here in Ottawa!

October 17th Dancers’ Bazaar – come vote!

Hey folks – in a few weeks it’ll be time to go shopping again!  Start saving your loonies and get ready for another fun SUNDAY Afternoon at the Ottawa Dancer’s Bazaar!



Sunday, October 17, 2010

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

260 McArthur (Knights of Columbus Hall), Ottawa, Ontario.

The largest gathering of Ottawa area dancers with the best selection of new and used costumes, fabrics, music, accessories and more to buy, sell, swap and trade!

Open to all – free admission

Meet teachers, check out class schedules, get costume information, and much more!

Something for everyone – young and old – men and women! Come on out and enjoy the afternoon!

The Dancer’s Bazaar now hosts over 40 tables of goods and services to appeal to the shopper in us all! All booked with a variety of local and out of town vendors for your shopping pleasure!

Looking for zills? Sticks? Veils? Skirts? Music? Anything you can think of, and many things you might not have thought would come in handy – tote bags and cover-ups, baladi dresses, and accessories to complete any outfit! Whew! There will be new stock from Egypt, Turkey and of course from our local artisans and designers. And be sure to check out the many deals for used costumes as well.

If you have never been to the Dancers’ Bazaar before, come check out the Shopping Guidelines here for some ideas on how to make it a fun day!


– you can choose as many categories as you like!

I forgive myself…

Being self employed is amazing.

I set my own hours, I pick and choose  what pile of work to tackle next, I can take walks when I want!

Sort of…

I “should” have spent about 4 hours today working on pouches, napkins and more for my Eco-TAV line so that I would have LOADS of stock for tomorrow’s Dancers’ Bazaar.

BUT… I was tired of sewing… so I did housecleaning instead.

For which, I will forgive myself  because, as my sis-in-law put it, “It makes me feel good and it’s the one thing we can control”, [ paraphrased from a telephone convo a couple of weeks back].

Ya see, not only do I have a booth in the Dancers’ Bazaar, but I organize it as well.  I started back in May, 1999; hosting the Dancers’ Bazaar under my TAV Creations/ Belly Dancing For Fun company, we had 7 tables.  It was great fun, so I started doing it twice a year!

Since then, a few years have passed and it has grown to its present size of 41 tables – pretty much selling out in advance of each event.  Twice a year, I book the hall, contact the vendors and get things rolling so that my students, my friends, my colleagues and my business buds can have a chance to get together and shop, swap, socialize and jingle!

It’s been coasting along pretty well for these years, with a few hiccups to keep me crazy!  It was always on Sunday until 2 Bazaars ago, when our time slot was booked up by a now defunct, weekly flea market – so after trying two Saturdays, I’ll check with the vendors to see if they want to go back to Sundays or stick with Saturdays…

As organizer, head control freak and crazy person du jour, I arrive an hour before the vendors – unless they are planning to come help set up.  My team of volunteers are saints – especially @wtl, my fabulous husband of 12 years, thank you very much!

The rest of the volunteers shift and rotate with a solid core group including Linda and Catharine, and a few more ladies who are amazing.  They may miss one DB but are back at the next one to help everything fall into place.  I know I could not do it without their consistent and competent help.

So, today, instead of sewing – which was on top of the receipt printing, assembling of the changing rooms, signage, mirrors, and balloons for the DB itself, plus packing up the stock I do have to sell, display mannequins, costumes, photo albums and more for my own booth- where was I?  Oh yeah, instead of sewing, I cleaned. and it FEELS GOOD!

After spending the previous part of the week sewing, I had storage boxes overflowing with fabrics – will I make a skirt out of this?  Should I hold off and make a top later?  Can This work for a veil? – uh no… and then onto the reclaimed textiles bins for the Blossom Bags – will these go together ? is this washable? Do I have cord or ribbon for the straps to match this?

Oh and a note on donated fabrics – if they have been around…

  • musty spaces,
  • smokey spaces,
  • unknown smell spaces

…there may be serious implications to the designer/seamstress who has “sensitivities”…sigh….

I can only work with the fabrics after they have been washed, or air them out REALLY WELL first.  But they are some pretty colours and textures, so while I may get ill while working with them, they will be gorgeous when finished!

Check out the Easter Egg Blossom Bag :

Thanks to Michele for the outer fabric and chunky cording and to Roxane for the inner fabric.  Ya gotta see this one in person!

So, off I go now to prep for my second client appointment today – I was not planning on seeing folk while I was going to be SO FOCUSED on Bazaar sewing, but there ya go – I need to work on whatever is calling for my attention at the moment – and sometimes clients are the best thing going!  Actually, many times, they are the best thing going – they want what I am making so I know there’s compensation coming at the end of each little tunnel.

All righty then, this is what I am surrounded with right now:

Actually, that looks pretty tame – I couldn’t get everything into the shot!  The camo garment bag is full of costumes for sale – you wanna see them – come out tomorrow!

Later, I’ll head out for a walk with @wtl to stretch my legs, get some fresh air – tis gorgeous out there – and take the evening off… and tomorrow I’ll be hard at it from sunrise to sunset – and enjoying every minute of it!

Hope you have a great day/ weekend/ week and can make some choices based on what will help you feel good without feeling guilty about it “not being what you should be doing”!