Welcome participants!

Thank you for joining me on this Spring’s adventure in dance!
This is just a quick note to give you some online places to reference during the session.
1- Dancers’ News: – this is where I post everything I hear about that might be fun extracurricular activities – you can sign up to receive a weekly email update so you don’t have to remember to check it.
2-Music playlist: For the moment I am continuing to use my Fall 2013 lists.  Click and check out either the belly dance/ bellywood list based on the class you are attending.
3- ZILLS – Please take a moment to check out this article on zills – this is for both bellydance and bellywood.
4-Youtube – Mini lessons – just scroll down a bit once you hit my  Youtube page.
5- Halyma’s Lessons on DVD. Yes. these exist for home practice.
6 – At the end of the Fall and Spring sessions we work on routines for the Ottawa Centre Class Party. While we focus on this in class it is with the option to perform at this fun student dance recital.  Details can be found here. Please note, it is a semi-private event, where most attendees are performers and their close family/ friends.

Thanks again for joining! See you in class and maybe at some of the upcoming events – see the Dancers’ News for that!


One thought on “Welcome participants!

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