OCCP Performer info

Welcome to the Ottawa Community Class Party! Thank you for being part of the show by sharing your talent on stage!

If you have performed at a previous OCCP, most of this info will probably be the same, but scan through, just in case!

Tickets: Yes, you need one. Even as a performer, you need one!
This is important for fire regulations and safety.

TICKETS: check with your teacher- Performers get first priority!

The ticket money pays for the theatre rental and food for the dancers in the green rooms. I keep the ticket price low to keep this event community minded and relaxed, as opposed to treating it like a more like a big Gala Show.


5 p.m. onwards: Dancers and Volunteers arrive. Parking-UofOmap

1- Check in at the greeting table with your ticket in hand.

2-Reserve your seat and seats for your guests by either bringing a paper sign for each seat with your name/ their name on it or use the paper we’ll have at the desk.

3-Head on down to the green rooms to hang your costume, start your prep and socialize a bit with the other dancers.


-DO NOT SPRAY HAIRSPRAY/ PERFUME ETC. IN THE DRESSING ROOMS OR HALLWAYS ACCESS THE ROOMS. There is a small exit area along the stairway down if you need to go spray stuff. You can also go there to make cell phone calls etc if the reception in the lower levels is not good. And some folks may choose to practice there too.

-KEEP YOUR STUFF UNDER CONTROL – keep your make-up, jewelry,costume bits etc. in as confined of space as you can. Things get knocked off by accident and lost, so by keeping your own things together, you can reduce your own stress and share effectively with the 50 other dancers who need room to prep too!

4-Walk throughs on the stage. THERE IS NO ADVANCE REHEARSAL, so everyone may find it helpful to take a moment once your troupe arrives to quickly walk through on the stage, but please DO NOT PLAN TO PLAY YOUR FULL SONG – there are over 30 routines and other folk want time to check out the stage too. Check out the OttawaU-Stagemap for an idea of how the stage is set and plan before hand how you will approach it!

6:30 p.m. Doors open for public to enter { NOT BEFORE THEN as some dancers need time to walk through the staging area and get ready.}

7 p.m. the show starts!

PLEASE be considerate:

Do you want folks getting up and walking around while you or your students are dancing?

Do you want people talking while you are dancing?

Anything you can think of that would disturb your performance for you as a dancer or for the audience trying to enjoy you, don’t do it! That includes texting { the light from cell phones can be seen by the folks behind you and beside you { and on the video} flash photos, etc. SO TELL YOUR GUESTS TOO!

The order of performances is sent to your teacher a few days before the show as all the the changes get hammered out. Ask your teacher when you will be performing. The final roster will also be posted at the event in the dressing rooms and online on the main OCCP page – no printed programs.
The “finale” refers to open dancing at the end of the evening, do be ready to jump up and join me on the dance floor when I invite you all! Often non traditional music is used and this Cool Yule will be no exception!


Tom Leroux{ info@darnermedia.ca} will be recording the event for PERFORMERS ONLY. The dvds will be available for pre-order at the event or by emailing Tom directly at info@darnermedia.ca. They will be shipped to you as quickly as possible after the show. The cost is $20.  If you would like to pay by paypal or email interac, send your $20 payment to info@darnermedia.ca

We will TRY TO have the copies ready within 1-2 weeks of the event so know that all efforts will be made to get them out as quickly as possible!


At this point, we have a couple of rogue photographers who will be taking pictures.  If you / your group prefer to not have your photos taken and shared in the private Flickr group. please let me know.  If you are bringing a photographer with you, please inform them to not share photos online without permission of the dancers in the photo.  And that adding them to the private flickr group is the ideal way to share them… that link will be available online by the night of the show.

NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY please for the sake of the dancers.


One thought on “OCCP Performer info

  1. Please take a look at the photos in the album on Facebook from the event on May 31st to see what sorts of photos I post:


    I will be at the Theater early so please let me know about any issues about having your photos on FB. I’m easy to spot – the guy with a couple of cameras. As a general rule of thumb, unless you are someone I have already worked with in the past, if I do not hear from you by the evening of the event, I will assume that you do not want photos processed and will not do anything with your photos until I hear otherwise. I take a lot of photos and it is a lot of work wasted to process them and then never hear anything back from folks.

    I will do my best to shoot everyone several times, but if you are in the back row, please look for me in the middle and make sure I can see you to shoot you and your lovely costumes properly.

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