Classes – Winter 2014 Schedule

Belly dance/ Bellywood
Class Schedule

For information about private classes, please download Click here for Performance and Lesson Information

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Winter 2014 Class schedule –

Old Ottawa South

Old Ottawa South Community Centre, OFFICE: 260 Sunnyside, Ottawa, ON
Register online starting December 13th: OSCA or call 613-247-4946
PLEASE NOTE: Classes will take place at the Hopewell Public School, corner of Hopewell Avenue and Bank Street in the small/ north gym {map}

Tuesdays, Jan 14 to Mar 25, 2014

Belly Dancing for Fun Level ALL – $71 for 10 weeks
6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

BellyWood With Halyma Level ALL  – $71 for 10 weeks
7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Sandy Hill Community Centre. 250 Somerset East  

Register online at or call 613-564-1062 

Wednesdays, Jan 15 to Mar 26, 2014

Belly Dance Level 1 – Course #: 864446 – 6 to 7 PM  – $65 for 10 weeks

Belly Dance Level 2/3  – Course #: 864438 – 7 to 8 p.m. – $65 for 10 weeks

Defining the levels:

Level 1 = Beginner classes: Learn the basics of belly dance in a relaxing atmosphere and have some fun finding new ways to move your body!

Level 1+ or ALL = Beginners and Beyond:Designed for beginners and those who have the basics of belly dance already, this course will challenge you to a low impact workout and get your brain working too!

Level 2 = Intermediate Class: Once you’ve got the basics, come out for a bit of a challenge with layering, more props and even more fun!

Bellywood with Halyma

Level ALL: everyone welcome, dance at your own pace, and have fun getting some great exercise!

Level 1+: we’ll be learning a routine and treating it more like a dance class, but all levels are welcome. There will a chance to perform at the end of the session but it is not a must!

Bellywood: a fusion of the best of Bollywood dance and Bellydance that focuses on the strong and gentle low impact movements with lots of energy!AS I have been working with Bollywood For Fun over the past few years, I have come to see a potential of amazing joy and high energy dance that could be made available to all fitness levels! By combining that which I personally love from both dance forms, I will be sharing my two loves in a new way for me, and for those who come out to play!Check out more about it online at


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