Welcome participants!

Thank you for joining me on this winter’s adventure in dance!
This is just a quick note to give you some online places to reference during the session.
1- Dancers’ News: – this is where I post everything I hear about that might be fun extracurricular activities – you can sign up to receive a weekly email update or check it online.
2-Music playlist: For the moment I am continuing to use my Fall 2013 lists.  Click and check out either the belly dance/ bellywood list based on the class you are attending.
3- ZILLS – Please take a moment to check out this article on zills – this is for both bellydance and bellywood.
4-Youtube – Mini lessons – just scroll down a bit once you hit my  Youtube page.
5- Halyma’s Lessons on DVD. Yes. these exist for home practice.
On both of my sites there is a lot more information but you only have so much time so no worries 🙂

Thanks again for joining! See you in class and maybe at some of the upcoming events – see the Dancers’ News for that!


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