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Tarot Card Reader Available for New Clients

Whether you have a burning quick question or need a everyday reading … Let me give you a glimpse into the future. Email/chat is the most perfectly discrete way to go for pressing answers. Please provide your 1st name & birthday and if your question is a love/relationship, please provide your special someone’s 1st name & birthday as well Please be aware that just 1st Reading is free. If you wish to ask more questions or have a phone reading, there is a small fee for this service. If you would prefer a phone reading, please leave your phone number & good time for me to call back. Please Contact Mystic Tessa, Brightest Blessings till then

Free Meditation Practice Group

8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Maki House, 19 Leeming Drive (between Bayshore and Kanata)

For info contact Julie: 613-254-8469 or

Teal Wellness:

Total 12 years of experience in providing Esthetics services. Expertise in Eyebrow Threading, Professional Airbrush Make-up, Bridal Mehendi, Airbrush Tanning and Hair up-do’s.

Ask about a Spa Party on your special day!!!

Phone: (613) 745-3418

Web site :



Volunteer drivers are needed to take clients to their medical appointments. If you have a car and some time to spare, please call 613-737-7195 x2303.
Leave a message and a volunteer will call you back within 2 days to direct you to the agency closest to you or one(s) of your choice.

This campaign is sponsored by Ottawa Community Support Coalition (representing 12 agencies across Ottawa, offering transportation services to seniors and adults with physical disabilities), Friends of Hospice Ottawa and Canadian Cancer Society.

Thank you.


Des bénévoles sont requis pour conduire des personnes âgées à leurs rendez-vous médicaux. Si vous avez une automobile et du temps à offrir, s’il-vous-plaît appeler au 613-737-7195 x2303. Laissez un message et un-e bénévole vous rappellera à l’intérieur de deux jours afin de vous diriger à un organisme de votre choix ou près de chez vous.

Cette campagne est commanditée par la Coalition de services de soutien communautaire d’Ottawa (représentant 12 agences qui offrent un service de transport aux personnes aînées et adultes ayant une incapacité physique, la Société Canadienne du Cancer et Friends of Hospice Ottawa.


PAM KYSSA: Cranial Sacral/ Chair massage

Available for treatments in Ottawa area either at the:

Real Medicine
Westboro Holistic Center
181 Richmond Rd.
Ottawa ON
Craniosacral Therapy 1 hour session $65.00

Or she will come out for a party to you to do chair massages: In her own words:
“…chair massage parties/gatherings/spa-relax days.
$15.00 for 15 min chair session or
$30.00 for 30 min chair session.

I also love to teach a 2 hour ‘Inner Resting’ session (gentle combo yoga/breathing/awareness techniques, lot’s of time on the floor surrendering/transmuting all that is to be let go) $100.00 for as many people as you like…with more than 10 people works out to less than $10.00 each!”

If you have a chance to connect with her, she does a lovely job and has such powerful intuition during the treatment!

Her contact info:


Guidance from divination can often set your mind at ease and give you a sense of direction.

Sha’ Vega (she of the Tarot Tent seen at Halyma’s Dancers’ Bazaar) has been reading Tarot cards since 1987.

Have a private reading with Sha’ Vega in your home or hers, or book a Tarot Card Party with your friends.

For more information and a price list, please contact Lisa-Marie/Sha’ Vega at sha_vegaAThotmailDOTcom or by calling 819-281-3307.

Hypnosis for women

Judy White MacDonald…Nursing Consultant, Professional Coach, Clinical Hypnotist

All aspects of our lives add to the definition of who we are as women, but the person ‘at the core’ is the most important one. Connection with this ‘real’ self identity is necessary for us to answer all the important questions in our lives and to find that often elusive joy, happiness, success, peace and contentment.

As women, so many of us have been trained to put the needs of others first. We so often don’t even understand what our needs are, or what to do about them. Hypnosis allows us to relax and allow the subconscious mind to reveal truths and strengths which might never have come to light otherwise. There are many ways in which hypnosis can be helpful to women. Please connect to: and learn what hypnosis can do for you!

Orleans Office; everyone welcome!

Tel. / Fax: (613) 841-4071


Dot’s fortune-telling party

Want a look into the future?

Dot Iskra and her fellow fortune-tellers/psychics Maya Ravenswing & Loula Blue invite you to an evening of fun, great food drinks and a choice of 3 different types of fortune-telling.

We offer divination by crystal ball, tarot cards & rainbow beads.
Fortune-telling with rainbow beads is a new way of divination that involves using the powers of semi-precious stones, found objects, glass beads in the rainbow colours of the chakra system, and various symbolic beads from native and old wolrd cultures to give a past, present, and future reading for you.

So BOOK NOW and have a look into your future with 3 of ottawa’s most innovative fortune-tellers!

For more info CONTACT: Dot Iskra


Roxanne Chabidon, TCMP -specialising in Acupuncture, Nutrition and Chinese Herbology.

For all kind of Women issues including menopause, menstrual irregularities and fertility.

For more information visit the website at .

To book an appt: 613-216-2135.

Lumina Health & Rejuvenation Clinic



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