Recipe time- random veggie stew

Random but oh so good:

  • Onion
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Butternut squash

Amounts- use what feels right 🙂

Above veggies:chop and sauté  in the order listed-I used olive oil.


  • garam masala
  • Paprika
  • Salt and pepper

To taste!


1 large can each:

  • Roma tomatoes
  • Mixed beans ( drained)
  • Corn ( peaches and cream- or any type of kernel) ( drained)

Cover and let simmer until the veggies are soft.

Take a potato masher and squish some of the veggies and beans randomly. Stir it up.


Next day breakfast:

Scramble eggs and add a few scoops of the random stew.

Top with cheese.

Cherpumple time again!

Ok – I thought I had a lovely post about the Cherpumple adventures in the past, but apparently not.

So, here goes:

You’ll need:

3 cake mixes – whatever brand you like and feel free to get creative with your combinations!  I use: chocolate, white and yellow.

3 pre baked pies – full size pies is good, but you can go smaller if you prefer.  If you want to make your own pies – that’s fine too – make sure they are cooled and ready to be deployed!  I use:  cherry, pumpkin and apple… < Cher-Pump-Le>

3 spring form pans – large enough for the pies and the cake batter, or 1 pan and plan to bake each one over a couple of days – this is fine!

The concept:

For each layer, take a pre-baked pie, remove it from the pie plate and place it in the centre of the spring form pan.  Mix up the cake batter according to the box, and pour the batter over the pie.  Spread it out and tap the pan to make sure it flows down and around the pie completely, removing as much air bubbles as possible.

Bake according to the directions, but bake it a bit longer – I usually aim for 55 minutes.

Let it cool, remove the sides of the springform pan, then chill it in the fridge before taking it off the bottom of the pan.

Repeat for each layer.  Cool the layers completely before assembling and letting them chill overnight is even better!

My combination is:

  • Chocolate cake and cherry pie
  • white cake and pumpkin pie
  • yellow cake and apple pie

But really – do what you like!

Icing – yep – use what you like – pre-made, make your own, whatever works for you.

frost between the layers and slather it all over!

Decorate in whatever fashion you like!

Chill again to let it feel nice and solid.

Use a big bread knife to cut into this 6 desserts in one and you should be able to serve a village if you cut the pieces small enough!


And I’ll update this one the 2016 Cherpumple has been cut into, but for now – here’s some previous ones I have made!

I’m stopping counting at 37…

Thanks for coming. Thanks for dancing. Thanks for supporting. There are so many people involved in the OCCPs that I hope I have conveyed to each of you my profound gratitude in person so that you know you have helped make all of the years so very special.


Tom has been my greatest supporter through all the years!

Now, in answer to the many questions…sort of , at least.

My mom always said she is only 39 – thus I had to stop counting my age at 37 so that I never get older than her.

37 is a wonderful prime number and, as a reckoner of time, 37 shows a reasonable amount of life experience has been garnered but there’s still lots of juice left for adventures.

So, December 14th was the 37th Class Party < the name changed to the Ottawa Centre, then Community Class Party maybe 10-12 years ago> I will have organized since I began teaching in 1998.

And it’s a good time to stop.

Many of my friends already thought I was done when I announced last year that I would no longer host a June event, but I had been a bit vague about December’s event.

After  a very “community-minded “lunch with two influential folk –  my husband, and best dance bud, it was expressed that doing one more, and then making with an official announcement, might be a good way to pass the torch.

So from a crazy BBQ in my backyard for the  the first few June shows – remember those Linda and Susi? –  to various restaurant locations for the December shows, growing to a peak of 400 + attendees for a few years and needing the Bronson Centre as our venue, with a variety of community centre locations along the way, I have been most happy at the University of Ottawa Alumni Auditorium location – even with the construction, crazy displays in the hallways and the other  whacky challenges.

I’ll always be grateful to my friends who have helped over these many years by volunteering to herd the dancers, help with set up, stage management, emceeing, promoting and of course performing and bringing their student groups out to dance!

Our community has lots of potential. And I hope that those who decide to take advantage of the opportunity to create they own community minded dance showcase/ presentation/ etc will continue to offer new dancers ta safe space in which  to perform.

But really, it won’t be my show anymore, so just be sure to save me a seat – and a slot for my students/ and/or crew to dance!

Classes start January 18th – go sign up!

Some memories:

Tonight – we dance!

This is it – a chance to see over 30 performances – for $15~

December 14, 2016
Ottawa Community Class Party #OCCP37

This is the end of season event for many local belly dance classes and will feature an evening of students and professionals offering up their love of Baladi, Raks Sharki, Bollywood, Fusion styles, ATS, and more for everyone’s enjoyment.

This elegant and ancient art form has evolved and fused with modern dance elements, catering to the taste of many dance aficionados.

Doors 6:30p.m.
Show starts at 7 p.m.
Ottawa University Alumni Auditorium
Jock Turcot University Centre Building
$15 at the door! for more details!


Programme : NO PAPER COPIES WILL BE PRINTED – so grab this one!


Belly Dancing this fall – Wednesdays~!

Veil action

Halyma’s FALL 2016 Classes – Bellydance

Sandy Hill Community Centre – 250 Somerset East – 613-564-1062
Call to register with the barcode and your pin number or register online at

Bellydance Level 1  Learn the basics and have some jungly sparkly fun on humpday!
Sandy Hill 613-564-1062 
Wed. 6-7 pm  September 14 to November 16 <10 weeks>

Code: 1048409
Price $89

Bellydance Level 2 You know the basics, so let’s bring it up a notch and add some extra props, live drumming and more!
Sandy Hill 613-564-1062 
Wed. 7-8 pm September 14 to November 16 <10 weeks>

Price $89

Morning after vacay day 1…

Camping! That’s what I was smelling!

The hallway was being filled with stuff, my two leggers were being so feisty, and I spent yesterday morning banned to my food room. 

And now I’m snuggled in bed with my polar in a cocoon of warmth!

I was happy to do lots of sniffling yesterday- and there was extended two legger family time.

We stopped at “duck town” where I ran around smelling the local ducks and so wanted to grab the red rooster – but alas. 

Then it was mom of my hoo man visit time, and lots of smells there!  

Then I slept in my jail for a whole long time and awoke to the fun of watching my hoo mans building my room!!

It took them awhile to get my mat down but eventually I got settled.

One final jaunt took us to more family with half size hoomans buy I was stuck on Mom’s Lapp most of that time. And. That was day 1