March Break and St. Paddy’s Day Drop in and Dance – #Selfpromo time

Alrighty – NO CLASSES this week { March Break} means I have to bug you people via the inter webs!

For those who were in my classes last week and remember me talking about putting a try { foil plate} on your head and doing all the moves, Click here to see a video,  It’s not me, I don’t know Ranya, but she does a lovely job so let’s all go watch her video.

Back now? Cool.

Sunday, March 16th – come see dancers!

Yes, there are advance tickets available, yes you can pay at the door, yes we have pretty much full roster with times allotted for open dancing. Click on the photo to go buy your ticket via paypal, or head over to the main site.

Sunday Drop In And Dance Poster



Also to note – Registration has begun for my spring classes! Class Details and my new class…

Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Click here for my blogpost about this.


Halyma and finale – The end of another season of dance!

Halyma and finale – The end of another season of dance!

Another new costume, another Ottawa Centre Class Party under the hip belt!

I LOVE my parties. I enjoy the process of planning them, nagging people, cajoling them and then seeing what they come up with for their final presentations to share with those who are able to come watch!

As the roster changes and develops over the weeks coming up to the event, there is some stress of course, but it always gives me the chance to bring together the diverse styles and inspired moments into one lovely evening! One lovely, not too late, weeknight event during a very busy time of year!

The teachers who bring their students out to perform – there will be a list at the end of the post with some contact info – work hard to guide their groups to a point of feeling they can dance their routine in public. In front of almost 300 strangers.

The dancers, students, pros and rogue dancers, spend weeks preparing, practicing, being stressed, or confident, they all still put a lot of work into getting ready for 2-4 minutes { in most cases] on stage. And if they study with more than one teacher, or are both teachers and students themselves, they may be rushing down to the dressing room to do at least one quick change before their next routine gets called to the stage.

The volunteers help in more ways than imaginable. Often people will as me how I am doing as I trot from one part of the backstage to the next, checking on folk, etc. And most of the time, unless there is a crisis to be dealt with, I try to enjoy the music, conversation and have a fun time myself. I can only do this because I have some very cool people to hep me out.

Linda has been helping me for years and I can leave pretty much anything in her hands – once I tell her what this year’s variation on the system is – I am always trying to make things better, honest! And then I hand her my camera and she shoots some fun and funky video clips so that I can share stuff asap!

Melissa kindly offered this time around, and was a huge help at the ticket desk as well as making sure Shade had help changing when we had a quiet change to the roster.

Catharine has been helping out as Stage Manager for years, and knows what is involved in running these kinds of events!  She keeps those dancers all lined up and ready to go, and takes over as the voice from beyond when I head down to get myself ready!

I know I can leave things in the hands of these trusted friends and that’s why I can be so relaxed – it is a party after all!

And there are the other folk who I don’t interfere with at all, they come out and do their thing, without any concern or guidance from me at all, I just keep outta their way as they already know what they are doing!

Michele R comes out to every show for the past 7 years?( I will have to check on that) and she brings whatever fabrics, decor pieces, etc. that catch her fancy and sets up a beautiful ambiance for us, before the dancers even arrive to start any run throughs they need to do.  And it does make a difference – even if the dancers don’t realize it, the flow and energy of the stage has been transformed through the ritual of her making the space “ours” for the night.

Lainie, our official Photographer, comes, has fun, gets great shots, enjoys herself – we hope – and shares her love of movement and beauty with everyone! Everyone has a moment caught by Lainie that immortalizes them as a dancer!

Tom shoots our official video so that we performers can show our friends and family the cool performances that took place!  One student dancer told me downstairs how she sat and watched a few of the previous dvds when she was not feeling so hot this fall – and was totally taken down memory lane, seeing the changes in the shows over the years..

Kudos and thanks to you all!

As I mentioned, I like to work towards improving every show, and the best way to do this is to get some feedback that I can then process, compile and share with the performers I invite to come out to the next event.  I know some folk are not comfortable sharing their thoughts openly, but really, it’s the best way to make changes happen – tell everyone your ideas for improvements and then if feasible, they’ll be implemented.

I want to encourage the solutions, so if there were any things that you experienced as a dancer, teacher, or audience member, post your comments here so that we can all get some fresh perspective on ways to keep making these events better!  And of course – if anything struck you as fabulous, be sure to point that out too – we need to hear what works too!

Programme from the evening: Go HERE to check on Teacher Listings


  1. Azhar  D’Halyma
  2. Sha vega: Goddess Belly Dancers
  3. Les Danseuses de la Maison des Arts d’Embrun
  4. Loulouh’s student Caitlin
  5. Zamira’s student Azzah
  6. Niki’s Tribal Fusion students
  7. Sha’ Vega’s Treasures
  8. Bahiya’s  Hip Belly dancers
  9. Shade solo
  10. Oksana’s  Gothic Belly Dance
  11. Hypnotic Hips: Bahiya,Zaida,Zeevah
  12. Loulouh solo
  13. BDw/ Anna& Safiya level 1
  14. Les Deesses de la lune
  15. Jalilah’s students- all classes


  1. Gulzaar D’Halyma
  2. Chandrika solo
  3. Loulouh students 2
  4. Leslie’s students
  5. Isaden solo
  6. Jewel solo
  7. Sha Vega solo
  8. Bahiya solo
  9. BDw/ Anna& Safiya level 2
  10. Zamira solo
  11. Anna and Safiya Duet
  12. Leslie
  13. Halyma
  14. Finale

The Ottawa Centre Class Party – what a way to end the season!

Hey Kids,
I have finally recovered enough to start looking at pics and video from our fabulous show on Wednesday June 10th. You ladies rock! Or Rak as the the pun goes!

So what does this mean for the blog post? It means that I will direct you all to the little final video clip that my good friend Linda took of many of us at the end of the show! Click on the still image to take you there!


Colour and motion - can you hear the music?

It also means I will say a huge sloppy thank you to so many people – I hope I have not forgotten anyone, but someone can leave me a word in the comments in case I did!
The teachers who helped provide student performances to fill out the evening. Click on their name and if they have a website – you get to see it :-):

Anna and Safiya
Sha Vega

The student group dancers:

Thank you for all of the class time and extra time you put into preparing for the show – you’ve done your teachers proud!

I am not going to list you all by name – you are all given credit in the performer DVD! But thank you to each and everyone one of you for coming out and sharing your love of dance with us!

The Rogue Dancers:
These dancers took time on their own to develop and practice the pieces they danced completely on their own! Congratulations to you all for your efforts for the evening!
Niki and Shade
Pink Pandemonium: Linda,Diane,Ameenah,Sadira,Esmerelda
Anadil: Siddiqah,Farasha,Wendy,Rebecca,Lisa
Ameenah and Sadira
Hipnotic Hips: Bahiya, Zaida, Zeevah

The Teacher Soloists who graced us with their elegance.  Thank you ladies!


The amazing volunteers:

Ticket and DVD order ladies: Julie T and Linda B

General Help: Brenda,Megan,Katheryne, Diane, Zamira, Jewel, Nat and Andrea, Erika

Decor: Michele Roy [ OMG thank you!]

Backstage/Stage Manager: Catharine Crerar

Official Photographer: Lainie Cambria

And the underpaid staff:
Tom of Darner Media
The Bronson Centre Staff and volunteers
Wall Sound

And the supportive members of the audience deserve some recognition too!

Thank you for your feedback, your participation, your support and your presence – it brings the end of the season to a fantastic close for me!

Remember to sign up for the weekly Dancers’ Newsletter to get news about workshops, classes and more belly dance related fun that is happening here in Ottawa-Gatineau and beyond!

A drama pose!

A drama pose!

Backstage at the Bay, St. Laurent and More!

Click on the photo to go to my Flickr Page!


IMG_0719.JPG, originally uploaded by campdancer2000.

Hey folks,
it has been a while! I’ve been fabulously busy with my sewing work! But I wanted to get these shots up so that the wonderful ladies who came out with me for this show can see how great they looked!Click on the photo to see the whole set!

Pics are also up from the National Women show ! Check them all out!
IMG_0500.JPG by you.

My thanks to the lovely ladies who came out with me for these two events!  

The Bay: Farasha, Shade, Isaden, and Ameenah! And Miriam, who took the pics! And Tom of course who shot video – but we are still working on getting that footage up!!

The National Women Show: Jewel, Zamira, Shade, Isaden, and Bollywood For Fun And Miriam, who took the pics! And Tom of course who shot video – but we are still working on getting that footage up!!

Halyma’s Belly Dancing For Fun~ At the BAY

What a fun time!

IMG_0444.JPG, originally uploaded by campdancer2000.

I won’t go on too long – suffice it to say I am very lucky to have such gorgeous ladies to work wit – inside and out! Click on the pic to take you to see more fabulous shots of this fun event!

Also please check out the Current Events box on my website  for all of the many shows and events we will be appearing in – a variety of ways to see what fun we have!

Okay – on to my next events this weekend!  Sleep, then Hersource!

A Busy Weekend – come on out and see me!

Being self-employed means spending a lot of time working, and then a lot of time self-promoting! This weekend will have me doing a lot of both before I get to take some time off on Sunday!

Friday evening, I will be out in Kanata, doing some lesson demos and promoting my two instructional belly dance DVDs which I produced to fill a niche in home lesson DVDs. Halyma’s belly dance lessons on DVD are for a beginning student who wants to learn the movements in a fun and safe way! I had a lot of fun making them, and have them available online , but also in the Chapters in Kanata in their local authors area – as they are produced and distributed from here, Ottawa.

Saturday morning takes me bright and early to the RA centre on Riverside drive here in Ottawa to set up for the Ottawa Eco-Fair. There I will be promoting and selling my Eco-TAV green textiles product line in person.

Though you can buy the Eco-TAV Napkins and Pouches online here, and the Blossom Bags and MP3 player/camera/phone cases here online! After I do my best to save the planet one napkin at a time, I then head off for an evening of dance for charity!

Saturday evening takes me to the Glebe Community centre where I will be presenting two performances for a good cause. One is my Tuesday intermediate student group. A lovely group of ladies who have been practicing our new routine to get ready for this show, and then we’ll be embellishing it and adding more layers and fun for the June 10th show at the Bronson Centre [ details about that later]!

The second presentation involving me that evening will be as a member of a new dance group that I have helped found with 4 other dancers: Bollywood For Fun. While not quite our inaugural performance, it will be out first show before a large number of our peers in the belly dance world, and hopefully they will be kind!

So where ever you may be this weekend, I hope you can find some time to come by and say hello!
Now back to some of my other work!
Blessed be…

Upcoming Events in Halyma’s world!

Life is getting busy!  And that’s fabulous!

Sometimes I like to sit and make lists of all of the events, workshops, classes, and shows I have in my calendar for the next while, just to get my head wrapped around it all and sort of my timing.I’ll be performing in a few charity shows, as well as  baking cupcakes! I’ll be teaching along with a colleague of amazing status how to out together fabulous belly dance costumes! And I’ll be promoting my eco friendly products, in the hopes of spreading some awareness and joy!

I hope that if you are in Ottawa during the next few weeks that you’ll be able to come out to paricipate in some of these fun activities! Be sure to say HI!

March 21/22, 2009: TAV Creations/Eco-TAV at the Ottawa Go Green Expo

New products along with the growingly popular Eco-TAV Napkins and Pouches!

pouch-napkin promo shot

March 29, 2009 Featuring two charity events!  

s52492299268_9978The first will be in the afternoon and I’ll be participating as a baker at the first annual Ottawa CupCake Camp. They are hoping that over 2000 cupcakes will be there for the tasting!




In the evening, I’ll be part of a group of creative souls raising money for another at the Mercury Lounge in  Ottawa….Halyma performs at:pARTicipate! A Benefit for Hollis Hawthorne.  

Saturday, April 4, 2009: Randala and Halyma’s Costuming Extravaganza or How to Costume the Belly Dance Goddess in You!  Check out our Promo video!

April 18, 2009 – Another double header!  

Not only am I, TAV Creations /Eco-TAV, in the Ottawa Eco-Stewardship Fair during the day, but that evening I will have students performing as part of an eclectic  charity  Belly dance” show at the Glebe Community centre! It promises to be a great show with a wide variety of performances demonstrating the evolution of belly dance!